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What exactly is bosnet?

bosnet wants to revolutionize how companies do business with each other. Here's how.

Full-Stack Web Application Development

We develop and design large scale web applications to engage users on all devices. Whether you want a new application built or need one optimized, you can count on us to make that a reality.

Data Analysis & Visualization

A company's data are essential factors to optimizing a business's performance. We are here to help in the domain of data science as well, from interactive visualization to machine learning.

UI/UX Design

We're passionate about building beautiful applications that are easy to use. If you want a new look and feel, or a better experience for your users (or both), we've got your back.

Enterprise Software

When it comes to your enterprise software, you don't want to compromise. We have the experience you need, and we're ready to help.

Hosting & Support

Whether you are a small business owner or a large international enterprise, we provide hosting and support solutions for your critical applications that are sure to impress.

APIs / Web Services

We build top-notch APIs and other Web Services so your systems can communicate with each other with ease.

Saas Products

The following are original works of Apollius


Soundcry is a free video-music discovery service. View

Soundcry is a free internet radio project. It uses the Echnoest API and Youtube to help music lovers find the music they want.


Leaseful is a full-service, automated subleasing broker. View

Leaseful is a full-service subleasing broker. Nicknamed "Airbnb for college students," Leaseful adds security and peace of mind to the process of college subleasing.

Our Clients

Here are the great companies who choose Apollius to move forward.